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5 Amazing technologies patented this month

25 December 2018   Technology

Every month, tens of thousands of technologies / systems are patented with the goal of augmenting human capabilities, simplifying lives. Only some of them make it to the real world, but they all highlight the future of modern-day tech. December was no different, but thanks to TNW, we've now got five most interesting patents from a batch of nearly 30000. Let's take a look.



How Website Design & Development Helps in Making your Business Profitable

27 September 2018   Technology

Influence of Website Design

        There are various circumstances that guide to a strong online appearance. There are several ways to look at the entire status of your website as well. But before progressing on any additional, let’s combine first on one of the most basic elements that build up your online identity—your website design. How specifically significant is it?


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Artificial Intelligence

23 June 2018   Technology

“The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.”
So is artificial intelligence really that intelligent?
Let’s see of what it is…

     AI is the simulation of human intelligence, which is processed by machines. In general, we will have a machine which consists of uploaded functions to perform and stored data. The machine upon instruction will perform the assigned tasks. This is referred to as “MACHINE LEARNING.” Here if the machine does a single function apart from the uploaded function, their artificial intelligence comes into play. The machine itself will be intelligent enough to sense the other functions apart from uploaded ones. The capacity of the machine to gracefully perform the uninstructed functions is called “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.”