7 things you might to know from your competitor about Digital Marketing!

   What is marketing?

     It is the process of Identifying a solution/product to a problem, creating the product and communicating the value of a product or service to the customer to build strong relationship with the customer to capture value from customers in return

Confused? Oh, let’s make it easier.

     It is like the link between you and your customers. In simple, it is about demand creation and customer satisfaction.

The objective of marketing is to tell many people about your business, products and services as possible.

So, had a brief idea about Marketing, we shall know about the marketing things.

Well, there are some things that are associated with the marketing, regularly remembered and known to many of them.

  • Research the problem

  • Creating a product to the problem.

  • Pricing

  • Branding

  • Publicity

  • Public relations

  • Advertising

  • Strategy

  • Direct marketing

  • Online marketing

  • Social Media

  • Sales

  • Customer satisfaction


     Marketing is of approximately 52 types, out of which we shall be discussing today about one of the most interesting topic of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is about simply reaching the customers through digital means or streams. It is about promoting the product through means of digital media.

Well, there may be competitors directly or indirectly to the product. So, there should be something we should know about their digital marketing techniques

By paying attention to what others are doing in the industry, we can come up with great ideas and look after what we are missing about what others are offering.

After getting to know the competitors, have a look at what they are planning in such things, they can be described as

  • Social media strategy

  • Email Marketing

  • Testimonials

  • Blogging Content

  • Content marketing

  • SEO

Social media may be Comprising of these factors such as

Social Media:

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike Messenger are the key things for promoting a product.

  • Be prepared with posts.

  • Add a call to action to every social media image.

  • Create relevant video content quickly as most of the audience is good with it.

  • Varying the types of contents we post.

  • When to post, maintaining time strategy.

  • Target Customers.

  • Live to stream.

  • Promoting previous products and best services through social media.

 Much excited about learning the digital marketing, cheer up

Here we go,



      Look at how the competitors are interacting with the clients and how they are not interacting. Just go through the requirements of the clients from the products.



      Email marketing is one of the strategies that create huge traffic to the social media profiles.

Write the Content in simpler and straightforward manner to convey the exact matter.

The Mail is to be in Mobile friendly version and the timing should be maintained so that it should reach the targeted customers.


     Delivering the content in the medium and it needs to match our strategy. The most important aspect is finding out the most effective time to post and measuring the results to improve day to day ideology and our methodology.

You should be aware of what needs to be blogged and how does it attract the customers to reach the product.


    Creating the mobile apps are great as most people have access to them, but completely relying upon web platform isn’t correct, not making the customer’s  mobile friendly. Web interface is required for any product to get connected to the customers. 

Don’t just simply go after the web interface; make the customers used to the mobile apps.


     Reach of the posts or matter about the product to the customers is one of the most important tasks of the marketing. 

You should have a clear idea about which digital channel is making the most positive impact on the customers and make it more connected to the targeted customers and accelerate the other digital channels parallely.


     People often tend to or would to love to buy the products whom they knew, this play an important role in deciding the role of the product in the market. 

So, here plays the public relations and publicity has an important significance. Publicity and public relations are quietly different.

 Publicity is to solely attract the customers and grab the attention whereas the role of a public relation is to accomplish the stated goals of an organization and to maintain good relations with public.



      Go through the audience and look into how they feel about the product and what they need next. 

User experience will continue to play a key role in customer satisfaction towards the product and to get to know about queries regarding the product, so as to make it user friendly and to obtain better user experience.

Key Aims:

  • Letting more people know about the product

  • Conveying how the product fills their desired will.

  • Getting people interested to know more information regarding the products and services

  • Creating Brand presence to attract the customers.






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