Hi,However, Being Founder of a technology start-up does not have to have a technical background in order to succeed. 

Problem Statements:

There are so many issues that go on behind the scenes of a non- technical CEOs and Founders to building their strong brand business standard for maximizing their marketing, and or sales strategies.

Necessary for the technical services

As a non-technical founder or CEO, you have to worry about numerous technical issues like website design building, Branding your product, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, SEO company and promotion, Business Intelligence, Data Dashboards, Traffic issues, not able to stay active in social Media. These issues will become a burden to sustaining and building strong business in the competitive business market.

Building your brand

Building the product without a marketing or digital marketing strategy in place, new client acquisitions, brand visibility, and impact revenue generating opportunities will likely be damaged. Only with a digital marketing strategy the startups and small-scale industries with very limited budget aspire to reach an audience of millions worldwide.


Another big challenge for the tech system is how secured it is?. You’re about to build your business by technical services that be worth lakhs. You don’t want to be taken down by hackers or careless security issues concerning your data. What measures are taking to actively secure your investment?


For a non-technical or technical Founders or CE0s, there are so many challenges. For those startup founders needs the technical support. webtoall provide a startup as service like a complete technical solution like product design, platform architecture, Front-end (Presentation) Development, Back-end (Business Services) Development, SEO and Promotion, Data Design and Architecture, Data Administration, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows), Component Development, API Architecture and Development, Business Intelligence, Data Dashboards and Complete Turn-key Solutions.

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