“Web Applications are not just designed with creativity; they are created with technology”

A program that uses both web browsers and technologies to perform all the functions on the internet is so-called  a “WEB APPLICATION.” Websites which are referred to as "web applications" are those which do the similar functions to a desktop software application, or to a mobile application.

Progressive Web Apps are traditional web applications which are enhanced with modern web technologies, allowing them to provide a more app-like experience. The “progressive” part means they’re “progressively enhanced” with modern web features. They also work in old browsers which do not support the new feature. Also, they will work better with more features in modern browsers.

How will we feel when there is no necessity to install an application?

Yes with web applications, there is no necessity to go to the play store and search for the application and of course installation of the application is not a necessity. Consider an application which has an only one-time use for us, but still, we will have to install it for one-time use also. This installation is surely going to kill your time, waste your data and occupy your storage space. It is not that much product.

Also, webtoall provokes progressive web applications. We believe in using advanced technologies which save your memory along with better user experience.

Now, we need not install the app or focus on the URL, as web applications are raising. Yes, they are intermediate application between a mobile application and a website application. The application can be used without installation and also the URL need not be known. Once when the mobile gets connected with the wifi, then automatically the application pops up and can be used. It’s as simple as that. Our function gets resolved within Nanoseconds too.

PWAs are never packaged into an offline file. They are entirely hosted on the application servers. If a developer wants to update their progressive web app, they update it exactly like they would update the web app—on their servers. All platforms and browsers that support PWAs can use the same Progressive Web Apps.

These applications are progressively enhanced; they act as an extension form of the existing technologies. They are too responsive and they fit with any form factor say mobile, tablet and so on. Even offline working is possible through these apps and so they are connectivity independent. They are too trendy because they are up to date and it is highly user-friendly and gives an app-like feeling for the user to use. High-security providers, they are. They never require complex installation and can be shared too.

Majorly Progressive web applications can be used in all areas where we can use the functions of applications without installing the application. Further to this if all the applications remain as an offline application, it will save the internal memory and also save the data. Almost every application will be available for our usage but the necessity to install is not required. Every application will be offline supported and can be used. Applications can be swiftly accessed and they are technologically advanced. With no hesitance, we all will be using the application right?


Also webtoall provokes progressive web applications. We believe in using advanced technologies which save your memory along with better user experience.

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