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People living in central cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai have two biggest problems: heavy traffic jam and lack of parking area. These make people to rely on app-based ride service like Ola and Uber rather than buying a car. There are advantages such as no need to worry about driving in traffic, parking space, car repairs  and many more.

According to Economic Times India, Uber achieved ten million trips per week in April,2018 up from 9.4 million trips per week in July 2017. This number is expected to rise in upcoming months. Your chance of growing business by investing in branded taxi development is far good. With the entry of Jio network and growing number of smart mobile phones, taxi businesses is expecting to increase even more.


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Staying relevant by bringing changes

What sets apart Zoho, Google and Microsoft is their tendency to stay relevant by bringing in the changes. The same goes with Ola, Uber and most of the modern-day startups. Learn from others mistake also.

But, the major problem with mobile business startups is that there are many good ideas which are already in the market. Then what is missing in the business? It is the uniqueness of idea. Because of the rapid advancement in the mobile technology, there is a good amount of possibility of your indigenous idea taking plenty of customers at anyone corner of the globe.


Ask few of these questions before launching a taxi mobile app

  • What is the scope of developing this taxi tracking app? Envision one
  • Who are all your competitors? Identify them
  • What are the weaknesses and strength of your competitors? Understand those
  • Will the audience download your app? Conduct a survey
  • Future of this small business? What are the short-term and long-term app goals? Get them right
  • startup service

After doing the above, make a generic decision to develop the application. You can go either with native app or a cross-platform app.

Once your fixed with all, next step is to prepare the requirements. These are the two important parameters that must be followed

  • Marinating greater transparency and
  • Speed and efficiency in hiring


Features for riders

Below are features you must have in your taxi app.

  • Fare calculator
  • Saved locations
  • ETA & status
  • Payments
  • Fare splitting
  • Extra stops
  • Book for someone else


Features for drivers

Driver feature is an important backbone of your service. Below are a few features which you must have in your Driver's Taxi App.

  • Driver’s profile
  • GPS tracking
  • Alert & notification
  • Track earnings
  • Finding nearest fuel station
  • Choose your route



Taxi mobile app has become an essential part of the taxi businesses. The apps offer you better business with many benefits that includes understanding market changes and trends, reaching many customers and increasing customer delivery.

This market is still open for exploration as many new technologies arising and changing the market dynamics.

You can be the owner of the next big thing in On-Demand Cab Services.


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