Managing the clients

It’s surely hard to manage the number of clients present. Hence it would be very efficient if there is a schedule to manage the list of all the clients present and order their priorities.

Updating the Information

The admin portal here is used to update all the details about the clients. It presents almost all the business information in relation with the clients.


The application will prioritize the importance of the available conditions raised by the clients and will settle all those conditions.

Salient features

Client management is an application which entirely monitors, views, schedules the priorities of every client advancing to the application. It helps the clients to schedule their works too. The admin portal uses its highly user-friendly interface to attract the viewers for it.

Admin Portal

The admin portal is responsible to add all the details about the clients. It is also responsible to add the clients. It gives the total number of users and clients. There are also search and filter options.

Access and grants

The effective addition and the effective uploading options are visualized here. Only the main admin can access the entire application whereas the sub-admins will have some restrictions to access the entire application.

Notifications and Pop Ups

The application is also used to cherish your birthdays and festivals. The application will up a notification and cherish your day along with you.

Awesome Client

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