Digitizing the Documents

The entire record can be digitized and maintained. Manual file maintenance is surely gonna be difficult, so the records can be digitally maintained.

Full Set of Records

The entire records set can be displayed and it can be used to categorize the person’s medical history correctly.

Updation and Remainders

The data records and the remainders are fix to be updated to the doctors and the patients during the treatment period.

Salient Features

Being digitized in hospitals is the new technological advancement.It pays manual report to get off and brings automatic reports with digitized. Hospitals can maintain a digital consolidated report about their patient medical history. It helps the patients also to collect detailed report about their health in hand at any time.

Admin Portal and Healthcare Portal

The major function of the admin portal is to monitor all other portals and the major aim of healthcare portal is to analyse and generate the report of patients. The healthcare portal is responsible to add all the patients report in detail.

Parent/Caretaker Portal

Now a days the parents/caretakers can have the report as a digitized one and also as a hard copy by downloading. It is very useful to maintain the entire record of the particular patient in detail.

Doctor’s Role

Efficient doctors available will test patients throughly and give a detailed report about them. Annual report of each patient can also be generated.

Awesome Medical

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