The entire flow of the vehicle on the road can be monitored only by using the tracking portal. The correct navigation can be figured here.


The vehicle movement can be followed and tracked. Even the location of the vehicle can be spotted and tracked. The fuel usage and its spot can be monitored.

Admin Portal

Here the admin can have the fullest access to the tracking portal and can use to figure out the location of the moving vehicle.

Salient Features

The movement and the advancement of every running vehicle can be tracked and monitored by using the tracking portals. It’s easy to spot the vehicle even in the vast world. Lively the movements of the vehicle can be monitored.

Spot the Vehicle

The vehicle can be spotted of where it is. Live movements about the vehicle can be monitored and analysed.

Report Generated

A detailed report can be generated by the number of vehicles in movement, the number of vehicles idle and the number of vehicles in parking slots. A durational periodic report for a specific time period can be purely generated.

Live Details

The entire details about the vehicle, say the fuel consumption, the speed of the vehicle can be monitored lively. The monitored report can be used anytime.

Awesome Tracking Portal

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