Employee Portal

It helps the employees to maintain their schedule on the dashboard. It gives a chance to the employees to help the users to facilitate the booking and serving part efficiently. It helps the employees to maintain their daily schedule.

User Portal

It is a user based application which generally provides sales and services to the user. It is a platform where users can ponder to view the products and pin up to use those products. It helps the users to view so many products available on the dashboard.

Feedbacks and Services

Any product can be serviced by using this as a platform. Also, the status of the service can be visualized in the status board. Every user can upload any number feedbacks and updates on the home screen dashboard.

Salient Features

The works of the entire team can be monitored. The collabrational work of the team is highly essential to manage the work effectively. Only if there remains teamwork and team spirit the work can be completed.

Admin Portal

The admin has the access to view the total services, sales and the number of users and employees. They can add the products to the dashboard. Also, the added product can be deleted or replaced. The courier maintenance can also be done through online interfaces in the application.

Major Activities

The employee here can view and manage the tasks. The to-do list here will help him to prioritize his works in a proper way. The scheduled priorities of the day can be categorized. Feedbacks related to the application can also be viewed here.

Products Accessed

The users can access the products and book those products. There is also service option available to service the various products available in the application. The status of the service is viewed in the status option of the app.

Awesome Work

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